What We Do : Grants

Providing grants to organisation is a one of our key strategic programmes at Solidarity Foundation.These grants would be of some varied in nature:long term Institutional Grants that help organisation to sprout and thrive since young organisations need time and faith to find their feet and move forward.

Support for expanding livelihood options and intiating innovative livelihood programmes,drawing on the strength of communities and seeking partnerships with organisation that are willing innovate.

Offering core support for crisis,to support for crisis, to offer support to communities starting and sustaining crisis management to reduce violence,Vulnerabilities and instill greater self-confidence and sense of diginity.

Offering support for capacity building for organisation to grow and be strengthened,encouraging them to take-off and be effective .Also facilitating links with relevent organisation and individuals,beside arranging for funds to help enhance an organization's capacity.

Flexible grants which can take on more interesting forms such as matching grants for community events.For instance when a community based organisation or groups takes the initiative to raise money,we would make a grant for an equal amount.