What We Do : We Support

Building Collectives

We believe in encouraging active participation of the community members  to work collectively towards shared goals rather than us setting up projects to deliver services. We seek to endorse democratic memebership-based organisations with transparent and ethical policies that:

  • Empower relevant communities
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Change public opinion to favour working class sexual minorities and sex workers
  • Help them access their rights and take part in human rights advocacy movements

Building Capacity

Community based organisations function efficiently when they are adaptable, are equipped with essential skills and abilities  and understand the root cause of problems, in their attempts to tackle social isues, we contribute our bit by:

  • Supporting the strengthening and developing of their capabilities
  • Expanding their perspectives, increase their understanding of themselves and of others
  • Helping them adapt their existing skill set to improve the leadership, the organisation and their resource base
  • Assigning mentors to work with our fellows and partners, guide them through processes, and helping them gain access to resources and information
  • Providing psycho-social support through the challenging process of working for social change


Building Alliances

Since working alone in this arena can be  a difficult task, alliances help bring together like-minded organisations and individuals together in order to combine and harvest their knowledge base and resources. We encourage creation of or supprting existing networks of working class activists and leaders.