Corporate Involvement

Solidarity Foundation collaborates with corporate bodies in supporting their diversity and inclusion initiatives and placing members of the LGBT community. We also seek support for our programmes through corporate social responsibility funding, employee giving and other forms of partnership.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion: We also work with corporate companies by inviting the employees to join us as volunteers and conducting workshop with the employees on enabling them to create an atmosphere that breeds diversity and inclusion in their organisation, speaking about the groups we work with, the lives they live and the nature of their problems, in an attempt to sensitize them towards the minority groups and create awareness.

Livelihood Project: To seek help and support for our livelihood program designed for members of sexual minority groups, we seek to interweave the support of corporate companies in employing individuals belonging to sexual minority groups on the basis of the abundant skills, abilities and knowledge they possess or are ready to showcase after having gone through a training period. This will help our members, mostly transgender individuals, get off the streets and stop relying on begging and sex work as the only means to earn a living.