Our Team

Our small team works out of the Bangalore office, conducting assessments of our partners’ needs, managing and allocating funds, applying for grants and discussing everything under the red umbrella over tea or lunch

  • Shubha Chacko: With over fifteen years of experience in engagement with issues around sexuality, Shubha has been closely linked to grassroot level groups working on these issues. Her work experience over three decades has been varied - but within the realm of development, human rights, and social justice. She has presented papers on various social issues at various international and national conferences, besides authoring books and reports. When she’s not being a Godmother to Solidarity Foundation, you will find her enjoying rock n roll, blues, folk and carnatic music or visiting old monuments.
  • Sajeev Kumar: Our in-house linguist and talented singer Sajeev can speak Telugu,
    Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and English. Having worked with Sangama since
    2005, Sajeev has immense knowledge of community based organizations in Kerala
    and Karnataka. He is passionate about using Expressive Art Therapy for the purpose
    of conducting counseling sessions. He is also a powerpack of culinary skills (Oh, trust
    us!) and loves listening to music, watching reality shows, classical music concerts,
    watching tennis and cricket.
  • Ummar: Jovial and lively Ummar brings with him a rich experience and an open mind
    and heart. He believes in hard work and friendships. Whether he is out on the field or
    in office, handling crises or cracking jokes, he is curious as a child and determined
    like a steady rock for our team. Always smiling and affectionate, he is the go-to person for our community members. He is the perfect combination of sensitivity and
  • Anirudh: Our gentle, dreamy-eyed Anirudh comes packed with determination and
    compassion. This young person brings fresh perspectives to our thoughts and often
    voices the need for love to keep the world going. An excellent communicator, they
    handle corporate interactions and community meetings with equal ease and expertise.
    Soulful Anirudh is an avid dog lover and will often swear that biriyani is their answer
    to many problems.
  • Nilima Dutta: Nilima is the woman to go to for all things money related at Solidarity Foundation. With her radiant smile and bright eyes, she helps us make sense of numbers and excel sheets. Nilima comes to us from Mumbai where she earlier worked with CRY.
  • Samrit Podwal: We know Samrit as Sam, an extremely quiet and patient part of the
    team at Solidarity Foundation. Hailing from the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Sam
    attends to all administration related needs. He enjoys web designing and is sometimes
    seen wearing bright orange socks to work, adding a burst of color to the place.
  • Parimala Aunty: Who makes sure we work through dreary mornings and slow evenings surviving on shots of tea or coffee? Parimala aunty! Who makes sure we enjoy a feast for lunch every single day? Parimala aunty! Taking complete control over the kitchen at Solidarity Foundation, Parimala aunty is a force we cannot do without, we are very sure of that!
  • June: June is our personal evidence of "good things come in small packages. Don’t
    be fooled by her slight frame; she packs quite a punch in all senses, whether you talk
    about creativity, efficiency, or political opinion. She is often our source of comedy,
    morale, and lively spirit. June is a veritable gold mine of perspective and efficient
    ideas, bringing to us the necessary reality checks that we surpass in our emotional
  • Prashanth: Quick-paced Prashanth will mostly be found busy with some work! He is passionate about training community members and comes to us with years of experience in outreach work. Adrenaline is Prashanth’s drug; apart from travelling, trekking, camping and making friends, Prashanth also loves old Hindi songs.
  • Manju: Always seen with a bright smile, Manju has some big dreams. Her passion lies in compassion; Manju works with our community members and hopes to empower as many lives as she can touch. This quiet person with exemplary enthusiasm is always looking for an opportunity to learn something new. Secretly, she loves to dance! Manju is full of surprises!
  • Pushpa: After a long, successful career in the IT industry, Pushpa’s true calling brought her to our team. This empathetic person comes with a rainbow of knowledge. Be it creating proposals, mediating meetings or empowering fellows and community members, Pushpa brings a contagious positive energy to every task and room. She is a freelance journalist and social activist who believes in equality above all.