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Introducing Our Intersex Fellows

Posted on: 2018-06-29

Solidarity Foundation is delighted to introduce Vino and Chinju Aswathi, our Intersex Persons’ Fellowship recipients. The fellowship is for a period of ten months from 15th May 2018 to 14th March 2019.

Vino is from Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a diploma in Nursing and is studying for a master’s degree in Human Genetics. He sensitizes healthcare professionals and researchers about intersexuality, educates others about Retinitis Pigmentosa (as a survivor) and is also a health rights and anti-caste activist. He has a Facebook page in Tamil called Idailinganar Veedhi where he writes about intersex persons’ rights.

Chinju Aswathi is from Thrissur district, Kerala. He has a Masters’ Degree in Electronics and works with Sahayatrika, an NGO based in Thrissur that advocates for the rights of sexual/gender minorities. He regularly sensitizes students and youth about intersexuality and has written for Malayalam publications on intersex persons. He has been actively involved in forming alliances between Queer and Ambedkarite movements in Kerala.