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Posted on: 2017-07-17

Sexual Minority Activists Speak at Community Consultations

Hello, from Solidarity Foundation!

We had conducted community consultation programs in the cities of Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata in the last quarter of the year 2016, to gain a sense of the overwhelming work activists are doing with sexual minority groups in the Western, Southern, Northern and Eastern part of the country.

Over the course of conducting these community consultation programs, we have managed to network with numerous organizations and individuals who have only added to our pool of knowledge concerning sexual minority groups in the country. We are now releasing soft copies of the reports that have been compiled in an attempt to document the several valuable discussions and arguments that took place in these 4 community consultation programs.

It is our pleasure to urge you to read these reports and write to us with feedback, if any. We continue to value your opinions!

Report on West India Community Consultation 

Report on South India Community Consultation 

Report on North India Community Consultation 

Report on East India Community Consultation 

Happy reading!


Team Solidarity Foundation

Covers of reports of the consultations held in North, South, West and East India