Activities So Far

Relooking at Crisis Management

Solidarity Foundation undertook an action research on “How to manage crisis situations faced by members of Sexual Minorities and Sex Workers”. Veena, a volunteer of Solidarity Foundation helped us with this. The research highlighted that these communities face crises in various contexts. Such as at home (from family or partner) or on the streets (from the police), or may even face many mental health issues.

Crisis Management is an important need of the community as it highlights a sense of security, increases access to Human Rights and entitlements, reduces violence, increases a sense of well being, and improves access to justice. There is a dire need to build better crisis intervention programs that provide quick and appropriate response and also help build confidence in people. The Crisis Management program should be able to provide long term support, build a strong team to manage the program and should also do documentation of the crises that they manage.

Expanding Livelihood Options

On the 28th of March, 2013, we held a consultation on "Expanding Livelihood Options" in Bangalore. Livelihood was deemed to be a crucial area of support that many community members voiced as important. Discussions with community members have underlined the need for systematic help to promote skills sets that allow for access to a wider range of livelihood, options, along with other interventions aimed at increasing self-confidence to pursue these options, linkages to resources, markets, information, credit etc.

We invited organisations who have expertise and experience of working around these issues to this consultation. The consultation pointed out to the fact that for them to succeed in these new avenues of livelihood they need to be supported. They need help and support in terms of access to credit, increase in business skills, mentoring support etc.