"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

- Martin Luther King, Jr.



Corporates are a part of the society towards which they have social responsibility. Companies that are looking to do their CSR work, can make donations to Solidarity Foundation which would help us provide resources to members from the collectives that we support i.e. sex workers and sexual minorities.



We provide you with the opportunity to work with issues of sexuality. As a big foundation, you may find it difficult to reach out to small groups, but we have the expertise to engage with these communities and with these issues. You can help us do this.



It is not just corporate or foundations that can support us, but you, as an individual can help us in a big way. We welcome any contribution, big or small, from individual donors as well which, if facilitated by your management, can easily be done through your payroll.

If you wish to donate, click on the Donate button or you can write to us or call us and we will follow up with you. Thanks!

Contact Number



No. 8, Tom Villa, Sweet Water Well Road, RMV 2nd stage post, Nagashettyhalli, Bangalore - 560094, Karnataka, India.

How Do We Allocate The Funds?

Guiding Principle

We will be following our core values while making grants and fellowships. The foundation believes in transparency, accountability. We would fund grants to organizations that are innovative and follow a bottom-up approach. We are accountable to our grantees, funders, donors and the communities we work with. We will hold regular consultations with these groups.

Grant Making Body

Decisions on grantees (individuals and organisations) will be made by a panel, which will meet twice a year. This body would consist of both individuals who have experience of working with the communities and those who are experienced in the area of grant making. Due processes will be followed while making the decisions in keeping with our policy.