As a leader here is your chance to be part of a bold and innovative effort. Your involvement could be through your CSR work or by sharing your expertise with us. We welcome your donations and invite you to share your (non-monetary) resources. Tell others about us – it could be your friends, other companies or your associations. And for our part, we could input into your Diversity and Inclusion Programme. Do contact us to learn more!

How Can You Help?

Donate To Us


As a part of the society you have a role and a responsibility in social change processes. Your donations would help us provide a platform for emerging leaders from the collectives. It can make a difference in terms of livelihood options for a person without too many options. It could help ensure safety of a person.

Give Your Expertise


The expertise that you have gathered over the years could be beneficial to us. This may in information technology solutions, financial systems, design, publications, marketing, translation facilities and a range of other areas. These are all in demand. Offer us your expertise.

Share Resources


You may also have other resources that you could share with us; computers, cameras, furniture, food stamps, mobile phones, blankets. These are also resources that you can donate. There may be other resources you could lend or allow the use of – an auditorium, a projector, equipment of various sorts, printing facilities.

Diversity and Inclusion Programme


You can invite us to conduct Diversity Trainings which sensitize your staff and management around issues of gender and sexuality. The training would strengthen your programme within the organisation. Your payment (entirely or partly) becomes a contribution to the Foundation.

If you wish to donate, click on the Donate button or you can write to us or call us and we will follow up with you. Thanks!

Contact Number



No. 8, Tom Villa, Sweet Water Well Road, RMV 2nd stage post, Nagashettyhalli, Bangalore - 560094, Karnataka, India.