Grants to organisations is one of the key strategic programs of Solidarity Foundation.

  • Long term institutional grants that help organisations to sprout and thrive. Our experience tells us that organisations need time and faith to find their feet and move forward. We commit to supporting this process
  • Support for expanding livelihood options and initiating innovative livelihood programs: This is a area that needs immediate attention, but there are very few viable models. Organisations that are willing to innovate and draw on the strength of the communities will be our partners
  • Core support for crisis: This includes funding and other support to help communities start and sustain crisis management. This will result in reduced violence and vulnerabilities and greater self-confidence and sense of dignity
  • Support for capacity building is a significant component of our grants, that help organisations to grow and be strengthened. It is also an area that is mostly neglected and therefore many groups are unable to actually take-off and be effective. Another component of this will be facilitating links with relevant organisations and individuals, besides arranging for funds to help enhance capacity.
  • Flexible grants: These can take on more interesting forms such as matching grants for community events. For instance, when a community based organisation or group takes the initiative to raise money, we would make a grant for an equal amount.
  • If you wish to volunteer, you can write to us at