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Resourcing Social Movements: How do we shift the power?

Posted on: 2024-06-19
Cover image of report on resourcing social movements

Resourcing Social Movements: How do we shift the power?

Traditionally, funder-grantee relationships have been financial and project-focused, bound by strict terms. However, some organizations and scholars have long advocated for broader support, including non-monetary assistance and flexible funding. Our experience as a Community Foundation reveals both the benefits of supportive funders and the constraints of narrow, target-driven funding. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified these challenges but also prompted a shift in funder behavior, leading to diverse support like immediate relief, faster disbursements, and flexible project terms.

This report explores the emergence of non-project support and its implications for various organizations, aiming to understand and document these innovative collaborations in the evolving landscape of philanthropy.

Report (PDF , 1.4MB)